Chartering / Operations / Post- Fixture


Location: UK, UAE

Job Ref #: 396/11

Candidate has extensive experience in the Chartering sector and currently employed as a Chartering Director.

Responsibilities being; Dry bulk & project freight market research, analysis and reporting, mompetitive and exclusive commodity handling and booking, Initiate deals with potentials clients namely charterers, voyage estimation and reporting for our clients, negotiate offers for and on behalf of our clients, draft C/P, and post- fixture operations ensuring compliance and conformity with MT. Drafting and issuance of voyage orders to masters and/or their agents and daily management of 2 Modern MPP Heavy-lifters and 1 Bulk-carrier, sizes ranging between 10-20,000 DWT. In addition to spot market fixtures of our close local and international owners. Seeking for a similar position within the UK or UAE.


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